A dart board with darts in the bullseye

Most of the dart players in my dart league have been playing with enthusiasm for 20+ years. What keeps them so passionate about this game?

Here are some points to ponder:

  • It’s a game where the skinny the fat, the tall the short, the weak the strong, the slow the fast are all on equal footing. 

  • The rules of the games are ingeniously set up to maximize the chance of dramatic endings in every game. Ending the games is particularly difficult, so the person trailing always has a chance to catch up. Often the game comes down to one dart by either party deciding the outcome.

  • In the most popular games – the 01 games – there’s a bit of math involved, which adds a nice challenge and twist to the games.

  • If you can throw a paper plane across a small room, you probably have the skills required to get good at darts – then it’s just trial and error and persistent practice. 

  • The feedback on your performance is immediate, which makes practicing and competing very stimulating.

  • You can be a pretty broken-down wreck and still be able to play darts. One good player in my league leans on a cane with his left hand while shooting which also doubles as a dart holder.

  • Leagues are made up of teams at all levels – beginners to sharpshooters.